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   2010 political carnage
Wednesday, November 3 2010
It was 28 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, producing a frost that killed what little of the life the tomato plants had left. It was an equally-sad day for Democrats nationwide, as we woke up to find the US House of Representatives in the control of Republicans, rewarded in a wave of irrational voter anger over the state of the economy (which has been more or less broken and politically unfixable since the Bush administration). Though it remained in Democratic hands, there was also damage in the Senate, most galling of which were the victories of Toomey in Pennsylvania, Rand "Roll-back the Civil Rights Act" Paul in Kentucky, and whatever asshat it was who won against Russ Feingold in Wisconsin. I was, however, greatly heartened to see that Sharon Angle had been defeated in Nevada. That woman made my skin crawl like no one else this political season. Seeing her tell a reporter that she wouldn't talk to the press until after she was elected should have been the nail in her political coffin, and perhaps it was. Then of course there was the whole Christine O'Donnell sideshow. But I would have rather seen her win than Rand Paul; she has more value comedically.

I made another hour-long push to recover firewood from my distant salvaging spot, ultimately creating a huge pile at a staging spot along the Stick Trail only a couple hundred feet from the house (at the place where the new Cliffside Trail joins the Stick Trail). I went back and forth on this route so many times that I could see a trench running through the fallen leaves in the places where my footfalls had compressed them.

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