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Sunday, November 28 2010
The sun goes down so early at this time of year! Some years ago the low angle of the sun and the dreariness of even the most sunny afternoons led me to go on something of an anti-evergreen jihad, cutting back limbs and whole trees south of the house. That long-dormant jihad resumed today. I cut down a number of small White Pines near the woodshed and used a ladder to cut some of the lower branches from a larger White Pine that is too much a part of our household to cut down (it supports one end of a chain that supports our outdoor swing chairs). Pine eradicator will become an increasing part of my job description over time, especially once the pine saplings on the septic field start getting big. (Though none existed when we moved here eight years ago, a few are nearly ten feet tall now.)
In greenhouse news, today I made the hatch door that will eventually provide access to whatever will exist beneath the floor I am building. This hatch is roughly 22 by 29 inches in size and will normally be flush with the floor. At some point it will probably be hinged, and (depending on how deep the well beneath it is) there might be a ladder beneath it and a hook on the ceiling above to support a pulley. I also mixed up some Portland cement to even out the texture of a few surfaces and then ended up applying much of it to the inside of the new homemade door (which has worked out so well I'm considering making a replacement for the main house's front door). I love Portland cement; it's strong and it holds up well to weather. But on some level it's just makeup for a building. It has structural properties, but most of the time I use it just for cosmetic veneer because I'm a big fan of its ready-made ancient look.

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