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   glass run, 2010
Thursday, November 18 2010
I'd ordered two sheets of replacement glass for the homebrew solar hydronic panel and supposedly they were supposed to be ready today. Actually, it was supposed to be ready by Tuesday, but when I called Tuesday, they'd said Thursday (they never call me about the order's status ever). When I called today, they said they were "working on it." I told them to call when it was done but of course they never did. At 4:30 I called again and they said that it was done, but that they'd just closed. (What sort of business, aside from banks back in the early 1980s, closes at 4:30 on a Thursday?) They said, however, that if I came out right now, they'd let me in and let me take it. So there I was, hurtling north up Dug Hill Road in the Subaru, Sally and Eleanor by my side (I'd dedicated everything but the front seats to the hauling of that glass).
The glass guys took one look at my Subaru Legacy and asked, "Do you think you could've brought a bigger car?" I told them that I'd moved this size of glass in a Honda Civic, so I had no worries. As it happened, the 60.5 by 36.625 inch glass fit in the back of the Subaru with room to spare (in the y-axis, though not so much in the x-axis between the wheel wells). As they gingerly lay that glass in the back of my car, they noted all the chips of bark and dirt from my soil and firewood gathering missions and made the following observation: "It's a working Subaru!"
I still had some other errands to run, but I was a little worried about the possibility that, while leaving the dogs in the car unsupervised, they might be inclined to trample across the glass in the back (particularly if riled up by seeing a dog or a shifty-looking homeless methamphetamine addict). That could potentially be a disaster, so when I parked near Herzog's True Value, I raided their cardboard recycling. and built a cardboard barricade. I imagined all this extra cardboard would come in handy as surfaces to temporarily place the glass during the install, which would be a complicated and dangerous procedure. And then I'd get to burn it all up in the woodstove. That really is free energy!
Among the other panel-repair supplies I bought was some high-grade clear silicone caulk (my existing supplies having functionally expired, producing a pudding that never seems to harden). I also went to Hannaford to buy groceries: lettuce, soymilk, mushrooms, vegan lunch "meat," a six pack of 16 ounce Red Dog beers (one of my favorite cheap beers) and a 22 ounce bottle of Elysian The Immortal IPA (a new premium IPA Hannaford just started stocking). That last item, brewed in Seattle, was almost as good as a draft IPA as experienced in the Pacific Northwest.

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