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   90 minutes of snow shoveling
Wednesday, February 5 2014
We didn't quite get the 12 inches of snow that were predicted, but we definitely got the biggest snowfall of the year at around nine inches. In the afternoon I queued up some podcasts (a Slate Culture Gabfest celebrating the life of Philip Seymour Hoffman and a Science Friday about the quality of science as presented in Hollywood films) and went out and shoveled out the driveway, a job that took me about an hour and a half. Gretchen came out to help me within seconds of my shoveling the very last shovel of snow that needed to be removed.

Though still in a funk after yesterday's fight, today Eleanor seemed to be in better spirits. She even came down from upstairs and hung out by the fire with the other dogs, wagging her tail in response to mentions of her name. It was pretty late in the day before she finally went outside to take care of some biological needs.
For dinner, Gretchen made some cauliflower "hot wings" (roasting them and adding a sort of "wing sauce"). She was disappointed by the result, but I thought they were delicious. Our dinner entertainment was, as always, Jeopardy, though for the past couple days the contestants have been the very best from the respective decades of Jeopardy's history. To keep things competitive with such an elite group, the questions have been much more difficult. Usually, between the both of us, Gretchen and I know the answers to about 90% of the questions. But for the past few days our combined knowledge has been below 50%. It's also skewed more toward's Gretchen's knowledge zone than towards mine, with lots of difficult questions about literature.


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