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Friday, February 21 2014
It was cloudy and relatively-warm today, with highs in the 40s and continued melting of the snow. I've expected there to be ice damming problems on our roof (as there usually are with this amount of snow followed by a few freeze-thaw cycles), but so far there's been no evidence of water leaking from the roof down into the house.
An early indication of the promise of spring was the arrival this morning of a flock of Bluebirds, which loitered in our yard for the rest of the day, taking advantage of the general unkemptness that allows for a diversity of seed-bearing stalks protruding through the snow.

Ever since I swapped in a new 1920 X 1200 pixel monitor to replace a 1600 X 1200 pixel monitor, I've been having a problem with Woodchuck, my main computer. At night while it sleeps, various windows randomly get reshuffled around. A large number of them end up in the most "northwesterly" monitor (if my array of monitors is regarded as a flat map on a wall, though technically the monitor in question is north-uppermost), though a good number of the windows end up off-screen below the "southeasternmost" monitor. Initially these screens seem to have disappeared irretrievably, but at this point I'm so familiar with the problem that automatically execute the "Alt-Space M" key sequence that allows me to drag the offscreen window into view. But why does it keep happening? I thought at first that the problem was monitor-off autodetection, causing Windows to think a screen that had switched off before the others had actually been unplugged and removed. But that's not the problem; physically unplugging a monitor does not cause this problem. I thought maybe a windows manager might be helpful, so I installed a pirated copy of Actual Window Manager, but it's so complicated and has such a poorly-developed GUI that I couldn't actually get it to do anything useful. It's still a mystery what is going on, and if I don't solve it soon it's going to increase pressure on me to fundamentally reevaluate the preferred operating system on this computer.

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