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   whatever it is in humans that the sun recharges
Saturday, February 22 2014
It was another warmish windy day with lots of melting, a process that was accelerated substantially by something that had been absent yesterday: a clear sky accented by a big slowly-moving yellow-white ball of incandescent plasma. This made conditions in the greenhouse suitable for leisurely couch-based activities, and I was down there for a little while with Gretchen and Ramona just to recharge whatever it is in humans that the sun recharges. It became so hot down there that we had to crack open the window. Outdoors, meanwhile, temperatures peaked just over 50 degrees, which has to count as balmy by recent standards.
This evening Gretchen took the remains of some old white bean soup (originally made using the pressure cooker), added some noodles, and managed to make yet another delicious meal. It being the weekend, there wasn't anything good for both of us to watch on the teevee as we ate, so we had to settle on a mediocre show that has been accumulating in the DVR called Treehouse Masters, a home-improvement show that tries too hard to be zany. Occasionally, though, the treeshouses are spectacular (and not just small buildings on platforms supported on one corner by a tree).
[REDACTED]ideas that came to me tonight included:

  • Christianity is a weak religion once there is an awareness of a wider world. It probably failed a little on the discovery of the New World.
  • The existence of media makes the out gay person possible (by exposing all people to a critical mass of "average" [as determined by Hollywood] cross section of society.

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