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Tuesday, February 18 2014
There was even more snow today, though it didn't add up to more than about two inches. Still, it was enough to keep me from even attempting to walk the dogs. Ramona gets kinds of crazy when she doesn't get her morning exercise. At some point she had to move her body, and, while that could happen back and forth in the driveway, it could also happen in front of the teevee while we're trying to watch Jeopardy.

Today I was trying to get the ecommerce part of this Lightroom plugin working. As with most of its functionality, the ecommerce happened entirely on the web. Paypal is the credit card processor, though the sandbox wasn't working. In desperation, I made a transaction using the non-sandbox (that is, the actual API). Good thing I'd reduced the prices of all the products down to less than $2 first, because the transaction worked just fine live. It made me wonder if disabling the sandbox is something Paypal does to scare up a trickle of small-transaction income from developers like me. But the money we're talking about is tiny. Of the $1.40 extracted from my credit card, Paypal only gets nine cents. The other $1.31 went to my client.

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