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Hello, my name is Judas Gutenberg and this is my blaag (pronounced as you would the vomit noise "hyroop-bleuach").


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January - Fahrenheit Willow Thai La Florentina Ulster Avenue MP3 Walter Accord Ramona Panel WHM Coyote Beers Gold Rush Broadway Rihanna Project Cat Black Locust Guided Voices Indian

February - Hudson Valley KMOCA Bulls Quarry Anthony Albany Italian Facebook Valentines Rhinebeck Baby Polar Vortex Gutenberg

March - Indian Chinese Babymetal Meade True Detective Obamacare American Grasse Tyson Darwinian Neil Droid Naked Afraid Photoshop

April - Spring Ice Cold Howard Kunstler Box Rock Shop Brooklyn Civic Hybrid City IV Hannaford Uptown African Americans Cliven Bundy Fargo World Chipotle Sarah Vegan West

May - Adobe Illustrator IPA Catskill Mountain Pizza Mayo Windows Stockade Tavern Ferns Columbine Mykrosarft Microsoft Dylanesque Bearsville Theatre Wappingers Falls

June - AC Halt Catch Fire Susan David Check Rabe Park Charlottesville Victorian Catskills Elka Delaware New Paltz Ash Mormon Gypsy Moth Greenworks

July - Subaru Google Palinville Lake Hill Upstate Beasts Madison Square Oru IY Bull Socket LGA Stone Ridge Celeste Botched County SPCA Bittorrent

August - AppData Linux Christian Dug Road Oscar Rockbox Los Angeles Jersey Fussies Kitten Key Peele WNBA Falafel DSL

September - Ray Decker Dolgeville NY Falls Garlic Festival Edward Adirondack Lakes Grease Cottekill

October - Wall Street Palenville Chrome Club Helsinki Helskinki Git APP Tacos Zaborski T Lowes

November - Republican Senate Mitch McConnell Fawcett Predator BC Florida PVC Amazon AWS Atlantic Ocean Network Attached Storage Outdated Carrie China USB CRT LCD X Gillette Fusion Honda KVM Slope Prius

December - Podder Longhi Nancy WordPress AS VAX AMD K6 Intel Core Duo Deborah Chanukah Independence Day Jeep Colbert Report Koreans The Interview Chris