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   eggplant and a green pepper
Wednesday, February 26 2014
Gretchen would be presenting at the AWP (Association of Witers & Writing Programs) in Seattle in a few days, and the plan was to fly out there today. But shortly before she was to be leaving for the airport, an automated call came from her airline saying that her connecting flight from Newburgh to Philadelphia had been delayed by an hour due to conditions on the Philadelphia runaway (it was clear and sunny here, though, according to, it was somewhat snowy there). This threw a monkeywrench into Gretchen's plans, since it meant she would be unlikely to catch the flight from Philadelphia to Seattle (on which, for once in her life, she would be flying first class). Still, she drove down to Newburgh in hopes of making it work out.
Meanwhile, I loaded up the dogs and drove out to the Lowes on 9W, where I bought a heavy duty trash can (to replace a cheap one that split open due to the hydraulic force of freezing human feces), two attractive 300 lumen LED lightbulbs, a couple ratchet strap ties, and a bunch of bungee cords (to replace the crappy Harbor Freight bungee cords that had evidently been made of a mix of rubber cement and pig shit and had deteriorated from either the sun or atmospheric oxygen). I also stopped at the Hannaford to load up on the sort of groceries I'd be likely to use when preparing food for myself over the next week. Among these were two different IPAs, two chick pea curries from the Indian section of the ethnic aisle, as well as many cans of beans, a huge can of jalapeño peppers, four bagels, a long French-style baguette, mushrooms, tomatoes, and a number of vegetables that I like but rarely eat because Gretchen hates them. These included a green pepper and an eggplant.
Back at the house, Gretchen had emailed me to say she was on her way back from Newburgh. The scheduling had been such a mess that she decided to try again tomorrow, this time flying out of Albany.

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