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Friday, March 1 2019
I took Ramona with me to work today because, unusually, Gretchen would be working at the bookstore in Woodstock on a Friday. It had just reopened after a big renovation, so the schedule was still disrupted (most of this had happily coincided with our month in Costa Rica). I had a fairly ordinary day at work, though at the end Alex wanted me to present to his team the app I've been working on. That presentation went amazingly well, though I feel like I could've done nearly the same presentation two months ago given how little I presented of what the app is supposed to do. In any case, I ended the day (and the week) with a feeling that I was accomplishing things for the people on my team, which is a feeling I haven't had much of it months.
There are supposedly two men's rooms supporting a dozen or so businesses in the office complex where I work, though I only know about one of them. So you can imagine my dismay when I went into the men's room this afternoon and saw a big fecal smudge in the center back of the the toilet seat one sits on when one is taking a dump. What kind of monster would just leave things like that? I didn't want to clean it up myself, but it was so horrifying I decided to cover it with a damp towel, hoping perhaps that soaking it in water would soften up the material for when it was eventualy cleaned. I visit the restroom a lot in the late afternoon, and by 4:00pm that toilet seat was spotless once more.
On the way home I stopped at Lowe's to get a fiberglass woodstove door gasket kit for the woodstove. I'd done my research online, and knew exactly what aisle and bay to go to.
Gretchen ended up having dinner at The Garden after work, but when she came home, she brought some delicious white bean soup. We watched a couple episodes of the marvelously-entertaining all-star championship on Jeopardy. As always, we mostly root for the people who are least white and male, though this is complicated by the special rules of the all-star championship, which plays teams against teams instead of individuals against individuals.

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