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Friday, March 22 2019
Some of the guys at the workplace wanted to order pizzas for lunch and asked how I felt about it. I didn't want to be a party pooper, so I said I'd have a slice (despite the certainty that nobody was going to order a vegan pizza). I am a vegan mostly for moral reasons, and there's little to be gained morally by trying to impose the particulars of my diet on others. Also, if I eat a slice of pizza with real cheese on it every four months or so, it reminds me how little cheese means to me in this part of my life (while providing a useful yardstick for measuring vegan cheeses). Poor Marc, the newest developer; he probably hoped I would advocate more strongly for something that doesn't necessarily include dairy. He's lactose intolerant, though is perfectly happy eating chicken. I ended up eating two slices of the granny-style despite all the cheese. It had a lot of garlic on it too.
After a fairly productive day of getting a frontend to reliably communicate with sqlcmd via Node.js, I headed home at 4:30pm and then immediately salvaged some one from terrace one escarpment higher (and wester) than where I'd been recently salvaging firewood west of the Farm Road. There had been a little rain this morning, but by late afternoon it was down to a few drops of drizzle. I found some wood I'd partially-salvaged in the past, and combined with a small amount of additional wood, assembled a heavy backpack load weighing 128.5 pounds. With that much weight, it's important not to slip and fall, so I came down the sides of each steep escarpment (there were three of them) with deliberation. All of this wood went into the house (that's why I can report a weight).
Gretchen and Nancy went out to see a movie while I stayed home and drank booze and watched YouTube. A new discovery (which is great because it works great without having to watch video) was Atheist Experience, in which a pair of atheists (Matt Dillahunty, a former fundamentalist Christian, and a rotating series of guests) argue with Christian callers. Strangely, the Chrisian callers are all fairly reasonable and none of them have southern accents. Indeed, they all sound kind of the same, leading me to wonder if they are all the same person assuming the personalities of different kinds of theists.
When Gretchen came home, she brought Nancy in to show off the completed kitchen. [REDACTED]

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