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Wednesday, March 27 2019
This afternoon, Gretchen flew out to the West Coast to begin her book tour in support of her latest book, Visiting Days, a collection of persona poems set in prison. The tour will take Gretchen to both Portland and Seattle. For me, though, life would proceed pretty much as it had, though with many fewer homecooked gourmet meals. I had a particularly frustrating day at work, bedeviled by a snarl of complicated helper classes passing data around like Amber and Crystal were at the post-championship kegger. At the end of the workday, there was a rare departmental meeting among the tax team, to which it seems I've been transferred. There's so much jargon and technology (much of it antiquated) in that department that if I were to ask for every unknown term to be defined, there'd be no time to say anything. But over time I'll pick it up, particularly once I'm out from under this damn Electron app.
On the way home, I treated myself to a road beer (when I stop at the Stewart's at the south end of Red Hook, I always get a big can of Anti-Hero IPA). That beer was so big that I was still drinking it as I headed into the forest (with the dogs) to salvage my daily backpack load of firewood. I returned to that largish skeletonized oak I'd been bringing home for the past few days and brought home a fairly large load that I split up before bringing into the house. I never weighed it.
I had a nice quiet boozy evening to myself, watching YouTube videos and going to bed early, before I'd drunk enough to give myself a hangover.

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