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Thursday, March 28 2019
Unusually today, I brought both dogs (Ramona and Neville) to work with me today. Normally I wouldn't do this if I were working a full eight hour day (as I was today), but the circumstances were unusual in that Gretchen was out of town. Two dogs were a little more trouble than just one, though this was mostly when I was walking them out and back and they decided to do different things. And they're both a little worse than cats when in terms of coming when called to. Neville completely ignores such calls, and Ramona responds only grudgingly after considerable delays. In the office, both dogs were generally well behaved. There was a little of the usual trash sniffing, but when they did this they were good about stopping when reprimanded. Towards the end of the day, Neville started barking at noises he heard in the hallway, but it wasn't too annoying.
When I got home tonight, I made another foray to the skeletonized fallen oak at the edge of the escarpment some 300 or so feet southeast of where the Stick Trail crosses the Chaomomile. I still had enough wood cut up there that I didn't need to bring a saw.
After a dinner of pre-packaged chana masala (to which I added hot sauce and cubed avocado and ate with torn bits of toasted flatbread) I took a hot bath and went to bed early. Tonight was a night of no drugs and no alcohol, meaning I had to fall asleep entirely naturally. It's good to force yourself to do this occasionally, and I do it at least once each week.

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