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   the value of passive matrix screens
Monday, March 4 2019
At around noon, I drove to the Red Hook Hannaford to get provisions, mostly for the office. I needed dog treats, nuts, and semi-dehydrated Asian meals. I often buy something like pita chips to satisfy my insatiable hankering for carbohydrates and gluten. For whatever reason, at this particular Hannaford, the only brand of pita chips without whey in them are made by the same company that makes Ritz crackers (you know, the crackers that smell like your brother's old socks). Today I tried a new Ritz product called Ritz Smoked Chipotle Potato-Wheat Thin Crisps. They were a perfect storm of crunch, pepper heat, and sweet, sort of like Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos, but less chemical-tasting. It was hard to stop stuffing them in my face. After awhile, though, I noticed a component in the flavor that reminded me of something from many years ago, back when I was a child. I'm not clear on the nature of the flavor, but I suspect it was a savory component used in either elementary school lunches or even meals from back when I was in nursery school (back in the early 1970s at 38.987974N, 76.858653W). This wasn't an entirely-pleasant memory, so I don't know if I'll be getting any more of those Ritz Smoked Chipotle Potato-Wheat Thin Crisps.
I'd also bought some vegetables and bread (both loaves and flat) to take back to Hurley. Since we already had a bunch of vegetables in the refrigerator, Gretchen baked a some in the refrigerator and then made a pasta dish using a pasta made from lentil flour.

I continued going through my old laptops today. Today I tried to start up the old Thinkpad 560 (the one with just a Pentium I processor), but the display wasn't working. I managed to get the display working by jiggling the little board next to the LCD, but it wasn't reliable. But the laptop is of dubious utility in any case, since the display is one of those crappy passive-matrix LCDs, the kind where you lose your pointer just by moving the mouse. In addition to Pentium IVs, I'm thinking passive matrix screens consign anything they are attached to automatically to the scrap heap.

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