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Sunday, March 24 2019
This morning, I walked down the Stick Trail, diverging southeastward diagonally from the trail about 150 feet south of the Chamomile and walking all the way to the edge of the escarpment just south of the a major gulley. There I found a largish skeletonized double chestnut oak that had been blown over in the wind. The wood seemed perfect for immediate burning, so I bucked what I could on the full battery charge I had in my Kobalt chainsaw and then brough home a fairly load that I did not weigh. It was comprised mostly of big pieces that needed to be split.
I then painted a small painting of a rooster fairly quickly. Often when I paint roosters, I do it from my memory of what roosters look like, but this time I used a picture I found online as a model.

I then loaded up Ramona in the Subaru and took a recreation drive to the Tibetan Center Thrift Store (because, with its new hours, it's not convenient for me to go there during the week). Out in front, I examined an old golf push-cart to see if it might be strong enough for hauling firewood. The woman who works there sometimes walked past as I did so and asked if I golfed. "No, I was thinking of using it to haul firewood." She seemed to think that strange, so I added that I've been known to use a wheelchair to help me haul firewood. For some reason, people do not like to hear about wheelchairs being used for any purpose other than providing mobility to the disabled, and the woman said something that implied she was not fully onboard with that.
Inside, I found a micro USB cable and a TI-84+ scientific calculator. Programmable calculators are one of the things I always buy when I find them in thrift stores, so it got added to my collection.

This evening, I mixed up some faux wood epoxy and used it to fill in the ends of some floor boards that don't quite reach the tile south of the kitchen island. These boards had been concealed by the arrangement of the old island, but the new island reveals them, forcing me to make fussy little fixes to things old installers assumed would never be seen. To make the epoxy look more like wood than it otherwise would, I ground up some charcoal from the the woodstove and used a porcupine quill to stipple black dots (like a tattoo gun) into the epoxy before it hardened, continuing dark lines present in the adjacent wood. Hopefully the epoxy will look exactly like wood after I stain it.

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