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Monday, March 18 2019 [REDACTED]
This morning, I built a couple great new features on the Electron app I've been building. One was to overcome an inherent problem of Angular apps. Since they need to be compiled every time they are changed, an end user can't just change a .js settings file to point to a different database and that sort of thing. So I built a system to write all those sorts of settings to a part of the global object and, if there is .json configuration file found in the root of the hard drive, overwrite any settings found in that. Another feature allows a user to select different sets of databases (with credentials) from a dropdown menu. Angular is mostly frustrating and in my way, but it does make these simple features easier to implement.
In the early afternoon, I made my customary weekly visit to the Red Hook Hannaford, mostly to get a half gallon of orange juice and a bag of those Nabisco Ritz Smoked Chipotle Potato & Wheat Chips, the kind of carbohydrates I was craving. It would be my only lunch.
When I got home tonight, I made the customary after-work firewood salvaging foray, this time to the small forested knoll just east of the Farm Road (41.929327N, 74.107727W). I'd gotten a couple loads of firewood from this knoll back on Gretchen's birthday, and there was plenty more wood here in the form of a second standing skeletonized oak rising from the same stump as that one I'd already salvaged. Today's load came to almost exactly 100 pounds (including the backpack itself).
I then immediately returned to the backsplash tiling project. After cleaning traces of thinset from the face and edges of the tiles. After a dinner of pasta with broccoli cream sauce (thanks, Gretchen), I did some internet research to see if I had enough time this evening to actually install the mortar. I was kind of hoping I did not, but all indications suggested it would take no longer than two hours. So I mixed up a smallish batch of mortar and got going, doing most of the mortar application with a four inch drywall knife. I couldn't find the big sponge used for mortar application (now over 16 years old) so I used a small paint roller brush as a sponge (without a handle). It worked well in this application. My hands and fingernails were so wrecked from exposure to thinset that I did all this work wearing rubber gloves. By 10:00pm I was down to the final cleanup of both the walls and the places where I'd installed tile on the floor.

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