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Wednesday, August 12 2020
At some point I got up from my computer and went back to work on the tub project, cutting out both end-walls for the tub. By end walls, I mean walls that connect the ends of the tub to either the west wall of the bathroom or the half-wall between the tub and the toilet. These walls are mainly to seal off the underside of the tub platform (which keeps water from getting between the tub and the south wall), keeping water and varmints from getting back there. Yesterday I mentioned how I took the measurements for these "walls" (which are really just vaguely triangular pieces of two-by-whatever wood), and that method worked fairly well, although I did have to make a few minor edits after cutting out the pieces according to those measurements. Once I had the end-walls cut out to my satisfaction, I attached them to the walls they abut with long screws and braced them with steel brackets. It was all a bit over-engineered, but I know from experience that overengineered stuff never has to be revisited.
This evening Gretchen made a gnocchi-pesto soup, which I eventually had. But I'd taken a 150 milligram recreational dose of pseudoephedrine at around 8:00am this morning, and this had mostly suppressed my appetite. Later I drank some kava tea in hopes it would do what diphenhydramine does (make me sleepy), but it had almost no effect. I'd had two good experiences of sleepiness from kava when I first started taking it, but that last few times I'd had it, I experienced no discernible effects.

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