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   August 2020

01: ziplock bag at Kingston Point - We go to the closest thing to a beach nearby to eat Chinese food outdoors.
02: beaver Venice - Twenty Ninth Pond in the time of coronavirus.
03: musty speculative take on American Indians - Also: my constitution dislikes kava, whereas Gretchen's disliked alcohol.
04: rainy day ring ring - A tropical storm passes near our cabin in the Adirondacks.
05: something like xanax - I find a use for kava tea.
06: one big writer's wank - Discussing a book Gretchen is hate-reading.
07: pond taxi - Bringing the dogs back to the cabin after they run off after something they saw across the pond.
08: tiny bits of tinfoil - Some critter finds the pickings in our car rather slim.
09: last evening at the pond, 2020 - I pick a trillium berry and Ramona falls in the water.
10: no Indian food in Colonie - The drive back from the Adirondacks.
11: a surface having a temperature of 98.6 - Oscar the Cat is so happy I am back.
12: tub half walls - Little slips of wood to seal off the end of the tub.
13: wielding a belt sander - An unexpectedly satisfying experience when it has a rough-grit sanding belt installed.
14: tiling tiny triangular walls - The new bathtub project continues.
15: Tulum in Woodstock - After socially-distanced pizza, we go to Early Terrible.
16: tub glued - I'm finally able to fix the new tub in place. And I eat two tofu tacos from Yum Yum in Woodstock. Also: the joys of Mapelastic AquaDefence.
17: diarrhea and poblano - Also, lots of waterproofing on the platform adjacent to the new tub.
18: curving subway tile - It involves lots of cutting, weird concavities, and slight mental exhilaration.
19: curving subway tile installed - Celebrating the passing of the most stressful part of the week.
20: quintuple amputee - Socially-distanced gathering in Kingston Township. Also, I get a huge raise.
21: sleepwalking on diphenhydramine - Also: tomatoey chana masala and the last of the tile in the tub replacement project.
22: mysteriously underattended Hasbrouck House - Their outdoor movies seem perfect for pandemic times, but not many people are taking advantage.
23: brass nipple ordeal - In which I find myself needing and then making a very large hex wrench. Also, successful use of a bolt extractor.
24: thread leakage ordeal - Is it condensation? Or a need for plumbers' tape?
25: Ashokan roadside pissing at sunset - Also, a sendoff party for one of Gretchen's young bookselling colleagues.
26: pandemic burrito - Not as good as the Before Times, at least in Red Hook.
27: late August storm and pad thai - Unrelated, probably, to hurrican season.
28: driver's test in Hudson - Gretchen takes Powerful to another county's DMV in hopes of making him street legal.
29: fancy zinc-plated faucet - We don't like the Trumpian look of brass.
30: all three cars deployed - I'm in the Subaru while Gretchen is in the Leaf and Powerful is in the Prius during the day's second power outage.
31: not in my library of brass fittings - Obsessed with a tricky plumbing challenge involving combinations of brass and copper bits.