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   curving subway tile installed
Wednesday, August 19 2020
The weekly meeting with the Ukranians on Wednesday mornings at 9:30am is always the most stressful hour of my week. After it's done, I have another week until the next meeting, and I feel light and liberated. Today I celebrated by cutting the remainder of the tiles for the plaform south of the tub.
At around 5:00pm, I mixed up way too much thinset and proceded to set my curved subway tile design in place. Because of the improvised nature of the tiles' fit, I couldn't use rubber spacers to help hold the tiles in place. I had to do my best to keep the gaps between the tiles consistent, though of course they tended to move around even after I'd positioned them. Then there was the issue of the fact that the platform itself was not just sloped, but it sloped differently in different places. To compensate for various issues, I had to build up more thinset under some of the tiles to achieve a more perfect surface.
Gretchen made a potato-kale-green-bean soup for dinner, and it was dark by the time it was ready, so we ate it in the dining room instead of the east deck. It was also a bit chilly to be out there, at least to someone with a fresh memory of peak summer heat.

All the curving bathroom tile before installation.

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