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Saturday, August 22 2020
This morning out on the east deck, the panagram in the New York Times Spelling Bee was "boycotted," with the T in the middle, which didn't make for a very large collection of words for us to find. We'd gotten up late, and it was 1:00pm when I finally got around to doing the final grouting of the bathtub replacement project. All in all, the project had gone well, though there were (as always) a few nagging imperfections. If I had it to do over again, I would've measured and cut a few of the blue tiles a little more carefully in the place where they interface with the curving, rolling terrain of the the tub platform. In one place, the grout line ended up being as much as a half inch wide due to inaccuracies in my cut. Nevertheless, when Gretchen saw the completed project, she told me she almost started laughing because of how great it looked.
Soon thereafter, I was feeling sleepy, so I lay down in the upstairs bed and took a fairly substantial nap.
I'd eaten a recreational dose of three-year-old marijuana buds, the kind that are useless to smoke but are fairly potent still when eaten. This put me in a bit too much of a paranoid mindset when, after awaking from that nap, I proceded to read an in-depth article about the QAnon conspiracy, which (if the writer is to be believed) has become something of a proto-religion, with Donald Trump as its main heroic figure, along with the anonymous self-proclaimed mole "Q" at its heart.
Later Gretchen and Powerful went out to Hasbrouck House in Stone Ridge, which is showing movies outdoors like they did last year. The movie tonight was the Avengers, and I didn't go partly because I'm sworn never to watch another movie about stupid superheroes. You'd think Hasbrouck House movies would be well-attended, since they're providing one of the few places where someone can publicly watch a movie outdoors in a safe, socially-distanced environment complete with burgers (vegan options available) and adult beverages. But Gretchen later reported that there was almost nobody there.
Meanwhile, I drank alone and eventually took a bath in the new bathtub.

The finished tub installation today.

Flashback to the aftermath of the major demolition, July 20th 2020.

The bathroom during the initial construction back on Nov. 25, 2002. The low wall between the toilet and bathtub area is visible coming in from the left.

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