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   tiling tiny triangular walls
Friday, August 14 2020
Today after my dayjob, beginning at around 4:00pm, I began tiling the low untiled parts of the walls east and west of the new bathtub, as wall as the small triangular walls coming off these perpendicularly to completely seal off the void behind the tub. The amount of surface here to tile was small, but it had a number of complexities that slowed me down. For one thing, since the tiles would all be full tiles until the level of the floor, I had to tile from the top down, and tiles will initially try to slide down the wall. And when tiling small areas (particularly non-rectangular ones like those triangular connecting walls), there needs to be a lot of cutting. So I ended up working until a little after dark, holding a flashlight in my mouth as I cut tiles on the tile saw in the yard. I had, however, taken a break to join Powerful and Gretchen on the east deck to scarf down a hearty pasta dinner Gretchen had made (I even drank a Lagunitas Supercluster IPA with that meal). The result was about as good as I could've expected.

Tiling the lower part of the wall east of where the tub will go this evening. Notice the tiny end wall that connects that wall to the curved edge of the tub.

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