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Monday, August 31 2020
Today I spent way too much of my day trying to migrate a complicated Angular/Electron application I'd written to the web. This was made difficult by the fact that the application had its own Node.js backend, with libraries containing backend and frontend code all comingled. By the end of the day, I'd realized the best course of action was to start a new Angular project and copy over the frontend pieces to that, while building the Node.js backend separately.
Meanwhile, I've been obessed with finishing the new tub's faucet system. As you know, I'm using fancy Brasstech faucets, though they're the kind designed to feed into quarter-inch compression fittings, the sort someone would use to supply a washing machine. This has complicated the process of building the plumbing to combine the outputs for both the cold and hot. Going through my huge "library" of brass fittings, I couldn't really piece together a good way to make that connection. So at some point I gathered up the dogs and drove out to Herzogs in Uptown. They had a few of the missing pieces I needed, but they lacked a short length of quarter inch pipe (I only needed about an inch) to interface the thing I would be building to the cold and hot water faucets. So I continued out to 9W, this time bypassing Home Depot and going directly to Lowes. It turns out that Lowes has a better diversity of plumbing fittings and such than Home Depot anyway. They even have tiny sweat fittings for quarter-inch copper, and they also sold quarter inch pipe in small twelve-inch sticks (though, at $5, it was expensive in that form). Mind you, I would've gone to P&T Surplus and Winsupply had either been open, but the former closed at 5:00pm, and the latter at 4:00pm.

All day long, starting in the mid-morning and ended only at dark, there were gun nuts down at the bus turnaround monotonously shooting, shooting, shooting, shooting, shooting, shooting, shooting, shooting, shooting, shooting, and shooting. When I drove past the turnaround on my way to town and back, there were two vehicles there and about four people, one of whom was so obese that I couldn't make a determination of gender. The endless gunfire put me vaguely on edge all day. There are certain thoughts that cannot survive a loud gunshot. Gretchen called multiple authorities this evening, one of whom was very chatty. But they never offer any actual solutions. Today one even made the excuse that things are so trashed at the bus turnaround that nothing can really be done about it.

Ramona sniffing around the clothing & shoes dropoff on the edge of the Lowes parking lot. The sign about trucks is to keep tractor trailers from going that way (I think).

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