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   sleepwalking on diphenhydramine
Friday, August 21 2020
It's tax season, so I was unusually busy in the remote workplace today. My boss Alex tends to get stressed out when it's crunch time, and, as always, he was sort of on the verge of yelling at me all day. But almost none of the problems he encountered today were the result of software I'd written, though initially it seemed like maybe it was. It was nice to be back working with my database importer, which is the only proud achievement of a job I've had nearly two years.
This evening after work (which stretched all the way to 5:00pm), I cut the remainer of the salvaged one-square-foot blue tile needed to rebuild the wall above the curving subway tile on the platform. Before I could set these, though, I had dinner out on the east deck with Gretchen and Powerful. Gretchen had made chana masala from a recipie, but she'd somehow included too much canned tomato, giving it something of a pasta sauce quality. When I mixed up the last of the lumpy thinset to install the last tile of the tub replacement project, I just barely had enough to set the six remaining tiles.
I then switched to drinking booze in front of my computer. I also took a diphenhydramine. When it finally kicked in, I went straight to bed and didn't even bother with looking at my bedside laptop. Later Gretchen reports I got up and attempted to piss out the bedroom window (through the screen!). That's nothing I would ever consciously do, and I had no memory of it, meaning I was sleepwalking when I did it. I know that sort of thing happens under the effects of ambien, but not diphenhydramine.

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