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Friday, September 4 2020
Today was the second anniversary of getting my current job; I've only ever had one other job longer than this one, and that was working for Mercy For Animals. I woke up late, at 9:20am, and when my boss Alex called me to discuss something, I told him I'd just gotten out of bed. A little self-effacing honesty is good in a professional relationship; it keeps your colleagues from wondering what you're hiding from them.
Gretchen drove out to the Gloversville area today to look at some cabin design plans from a builder in the Gloversville area and then proceeded on to the 43 acre parcel we're buying (we've yet to close on it, though we have paid a deposit). She had to take the Prius, since it's our most reliable car with the necessary range. This left the Leaf for Powerful to drive to work. Powerful has been doing a lot of driving lately on his own, much of it seemingly recreational. Yesterday I commented to Gretchen that maybe he should get the memo at some point that it's best to drive as little as possible, and to plan outings so that multiple things can be done on one, as opposed to impulsively driving somewhere on a whim. Gretchen and I take for granted a lot of our attitudes towards things like money and automotive use, but for someone who just got out of prison in May, the world is a brand-new place full of pleasures and distraction, and it's hard to know how exactly to process it all. For the time being, it's probably okay for Powerful to continue with his recreational driving, since it gives him further experience, though I would rather he would do it in one of our less-expensive cars. For this reason, I was a little distressed when he decided this evening to go on a random drive down to Stewarts as dark was approaching. He'd been reluctant to drive in the dark, but apparently wanted to experience it on his own terms. He ended up waiting down at the Stewarts for a half hour drinking coffee and waiting for darkness to descend before driving back up Dug Hill Road. Meanwhile Gretchen and I were worried; why had he been gone for so long on a errand to a place less than three miles away?

This evening Gretchen was watching her new favorite show, Love on the Spectrum, a Netflix program set in Australia about Aspergery people finding romance. I've watched similar shows about romance among the disabled and enjoyed them, so I joined Gretchen to watch as well. (It's unusual for Gretchen to watch any sort of reality programming.) It was a fun show, but most of the subjects didn't seem as weird or even as awkward as I expected. Indeed, many of them seemed more real, interesting, and fun than average. Perhaps this is because I'm a bit Aspergery myself, and resonate with other people with those traits (this explains a lot of my immediate fondness for Eva, for example).


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