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Tuesday, September 22 2020
Gretchen's knee is still healing from the gash she received nearly two weeks ago, though we've been able to keep it glued shut for a few days now. Meanwhile I'm still on dog-walking duty. Today I went on a loop that took me most of the way up the Chamomile Headwaters Trail and then on trail-less shortcut to the Stick Trail. The dogs stayed in the forest for awhile after I returned, and Ramona returned first as usual. I thought I'd go out on the Stick Trail to greet Neville as he returned. But as I was going down the little mountain goat path behind the woodshed, I saw mother deer and her fawn down on the Stick Trail. I had my camera and started taking pictures, though the trees mostly blocked my view. And then a red squirrel in a nearby tree began raising a fuss despite the acorn in his or her mouth, the sort of thing deer are predispositioned to note. They melted away into the forest before I could make it very far. But I did get a good photo of the red squirrel. As for Neville, I don't remember when he eventually got back.
This evening Gretchen and Powerful drove up to Greenville in Greene County to watch a movie at a drive-in movie theatre. Such establishments went out of fashion before my time, but the pandemic have brought them back. Also at the drive-in would be Gretchen's friend Jasmin and her new wife Moore, both of whom recently moved here from California. Meanwhile I took advantage of my alone time by taking a leisurely hot bath.

The red squirrel who cussed at me today.

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