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Thursday, September 17 2020
There was a dead flying squirrel near the kitchen island this morning, which started the day off on a bad foot. Then Diane the Cat failed to materialize for wetfood, causing me to fear she'd been eaten by an owl for an hour or so (until she materialized). Later I came down from the laboratory to find Celeste the Cat on her haunches next to what I initially thought was a dead chipmunk. But it was alive, its fur wet with cat saliva, not moving for fear of Celeste doing something painful. I scooped him or her up in a dustpan and put him or her out on the east deck, where he or she was free to escape on his or her own schedule.

I ended up having a bad day myself, even if it wasn't as bad as that chipmunk's. I went to pull the latest version of the frontend of the app the Ukranians have been building, only to find I couldn't compile it. I tried lots of things, but none of them worked. Mind you, I have worked a lot in the world of Javascript frameworks depending on node and npm, and I have never really understood any of it. Everything is so convoluted and complicated, with one library conflicting with another and a working app is never really much more than a fragile truce.
Later Gretchen wanted to see some pictures she'd taken at the Adirondack property plotted on a map. I'd tried to do that once before and been unable to do what should be a fairly simple operation. My version of Adobe Lightroom said it could no longer do this, and none of the applications that could do this seemed to work. Google Maps claimed to be able to do this, but when I tried to do it, it first refused to find the gallery of images I'd uploaded and then decided that .jpgs aren't a useable data source (even though I knew they all contained latitude and longitude information).
These experiences left me feeling that all of technology had advanced beyond a place where any human could actually benefit from it. Perhaps it had all become a big unhelpful muddle.

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