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Sunday, September 27 2020
As I've been doing on recent Sundays, today I went entirely without caffeine. I made the mistake of drinking kava tea instead, which made me want to crawl back into bed, where I eventually dozed off. When I awoke, I was feeling a bit better, and eventually transitioned to kratom tea. I also fixed myself my usual Sunday afternoon cocktail. None of this helped with the caffeine-withdrawal headache that was developing.
I used to do a fair amount of grocery shopping back when I went to work on most business days, but in the last six months of working from home (due to the coronavirus), I've been doing almost no grocery shopping. The result of this is that our canned food supply (particularly our beans) has been depleted; evidently I was the only one buying beans. So today I decided to go on a shopping errand into town mostly to get beans, as well as some sort of IPA at the Hannaford. (Usually I have to settle on something mediocre when I buy beer at Stewarts, but at Hannaford I can get something good like Hazy Little Thing IPA.)
Everyone in the Hannaford was wearing a mask except one guy who walked in without one. I don't know what his deal was or what he was thinking, but one doesn't see much of that this late in the pandemic.
While there in the Kingston Plaza, I also visited Herzogs to see if they had tiny metric screws for use in laptops (and similar electronic devices). I wanted longer versions of some screws I already had that I suspected to be M2s, which are about 1.5 mm wide. But Herzogs doesn't sell screws anywhere near that small.
Earlier today, Gretchen had mentioned to Powerful the idea of perhaps having a household workchart to assign dinner-cooking duties to the three of us living here, which was an idea I'd had in response to his no longer cooking us meals on a regular basis. He'd been horrified and quickly volunteered to cook dinner tonight. So this evening he made marinaded tempeh triangles with rice and a mix of various vegetables with black beans and gravy. He was using marinade leftover from last night's dinner, and it was pretty good. Gretchen had walked the dogs with Eva this morning, and Eva had given me an assortment of hot peppers when she saw me. I sliced up one of the yellow ones and tasted a slice. It seemed kind of sour and mild, so I suggested Gretchen try it. But the piece she ate was incredibly hot and "tasted like soap." When peppers taste like soap, it seems to mean that they have exceeded the ability of nerves to detect heat. I tried a slice myself and found it extremely hot; evidently all slices of that pepper were not the same level of spiciness. Sorry about that Gretchen!

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