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Saturday, September 5 2020
Gretchen poetry protegee (and Powerful's recent driving instructor) was visiting Powerful out on the east deck when I got up this morning. Natalie and Powerful had just gotten back from the West Hurley park after "working out," which was good, because Powerful hasn't gotten much exercise lately, particularly since he started driving on his own. Natalie joined us for our usual collaboration on the New York Times Spelling Bee. She was the one who found the panagram, which was "commodity."
I had a pretty good experience with kratom tea this afternoon, managing to get the euphoria without a crash. In this state, I was finally able to assemble two of the parts needed for plumbing that will connect the tub's two new faucets to a common spigot. These were the parts I'd failed to make with more improvised parts. This time, I was able to modify a threaded female connection using a drill, allowing me to tightly press-fit a section of quarter-inch (technically 5/8 inch) brass pipe using my laboratory vise to apply the necessary force. I also attempted to soldered that connection, though it was probably water-tight even without solder. (And it probably wouldn't matter, since water would never be under much pressure in that pipe.)

This evening Gretchen and Powerful made a meal of wild rice with various chopped vegetables and a side of marinaded tofu, also covered with chopped vegetables. The meal was very similar to meals my mother had made involving fish and wild rice, and it actually made me a little nostalgic for her cooking. It brought up the subject of my mother's love of fish as a food, and I told Powerful and Gretchen about how she used to catch fish out of Folly Mills Creek (which runs right past my childhood home) and fry them. Most of those fish were chubs or suckers, although on rare occasion there would be some sort of trout.


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