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Saturday, September 19 2020
I awoke at some point this morning and my first worry was about the gash on Gretchen's knee, which has yet to properly heal. But then it occurred to me: something much more terrible was afoot. Ruth Bader Ginsberg had died.
It was too cold this morning to have our Saturday morning coffee ritual out on the east deck, so I made an actual fire in the woodstove. The Spelling Bee panagram was "dramatic," which didn't take me long to find. But something about the combination of letters (the "m" was in the middle) made me lose interest; I couldn't even play "cardiac" and "arctic."
To avoid all the depressing news about Ruth Bader Ginsberg, my morning web surfing was restricted to technological subjects. I was particularly interested in the Arduino-cli, a command-line interface for doing things normally done in the Arduino IDE. If I could master the Arduino-cli, I could hang Arduinos off of headless Raspberry Pis and upload sketches to them from anywhere in the world.
I should mention that I am back to using my old Samsung Chromebook in the living room; I'd managed to replace its rain-damaged motherboard for only $16 and then get some cheap replacement hinges for one that failed, and now it's more or less back to normal, with working audio and everything. I used the SSH client on that machine to do some initial tinkering with Arduino-cli, but that took me up the laboratory, where I had a clone of my weathertron. Ideally, I wanted to have that weathertron able to update the attached Arduino that reads its weather gauges. As with anything, these sorts of goals take a lot of research and experimentation. I was eventually able to communicate with that Arduino over the Raspberry Pi's serial port, though something about that connection made it useless for actually reflashing the sketch, even when I hit the reset button on the Arduino at precisely the right moment. I actually wanted to automate that reset-pressing, but that looks like it will be more complicated than I had hoped. I hadn't been on the Arduino forum since building my Ahmed Mohamed clock five years ago, and it was amusing to see how big that forum had become. I was user #875 back in September of 2006, and now that number is nearing two million.

At around dinner time, I decided to bread and fry some chicken of the woods that Rebecca, the woman Powerful has been working for, had given him. I'd never batter-fried anything before, so I asked Gretchen what to do. She told me to whip up some sort of wet dip to make the mushrooms wet before being dipped in the dry breading. So I made a concoction using soy milk, soy sauce, mustard, and a little hot sauce. Gretchen had a can of breading already, to which I added salt and nutritional yeast. I was able to batter-fry a large bowl of chicken-of-the-woods morsels. Gretchen normally avoids wild mushrooms, but a breaded finger enticed her, so she took a bite and declared it a total success. I ended up building a sandwich around a few big mushroom pieces, and it was pretty damn good. I then send Powerful a Facebook message telling him about the bowl of breaded & fried deliciousness on the island in the kitchen.
Meanwhile, the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg has thrown Gretchen into full-on mourning. Today all she wanted to do was eat noodles and watch teevee, preferably the form of teevee most detached from reality possible. Our friend Eva had recommended a show called The Orville, a knowing homage to Star Trek with a modern sensibility and more of a sense of humor. I watched parts of this with her and liked what I saw.

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