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   cheap gin instead of isopropyl?
Monday, September 7 2020
Somehow I forgot to drink caffeine this morning and began my tea drinking with kratom. By the time I'd figured out that I hadn't had caffeine, it was too late in the day that I didn't end up having any at all. This resulted in a bit of a headache, though it's possible this was actually due to the alcohol I started consuming in the early afternoon. At some point I drove the Subaru into Uptown to buy liquor, two more kickstand doorstops, and a 96-count package of pseudoephedrine. The prescription counter at the Walgreens was closed (apparently for Labor Day), but it was open at CVS. This was the first time I'd tried to buy pseudoephedrine on this side of the Hudson since making the mistake of buying Nexafed at the Hannaford. It turns out that real drugstores sell non-Nexafed pseudoephedrine even here in Ulster County; apparently only Hannafords have replaced pure pseudoephedrine with Nexafed. I also tried to bu isopropyl alcohol, but evidently the pandemic has completely destroyed the supply chain for that. This might also explain the lack of cheap gin and vodka in the liquor store (in this case, JK's Wine & Liquor). Isopropyl alcohol is much cheaper (and more concentrated) than cheap liquor, but there might be a few people out there without any choice making that substitution. In this case the absence of cheap gin led to my making a substitution: a $24 half gallon bottle of rum instead of a $14 half gallon bottle of gin.
It being Labor Day, there was a fair amount of shooting down at the bus turnaround, which caused me to lean on my horn as I passed the fuckers as I went both to and from town. Gretchen later heard from our neighbor Trish (Tommy's wife) that she'd called the cops on them after being unable to take it any more, which is probably why they stopped shooting by the time I got home from my errands.
Later I took a indulgent bath for the second day in a row. By the time I got out of the tub, my caffeine-withdrawal headache had me wanting to go to bed. So I stayed home when Gretchen and Powerful went to Hasbrouck House to meet Sarah the Vegan and Nancy to see the movie Waiting.

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