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Thursday, September 10 2020
I took a recreational 150 mg dose of pseudoephedrine this morning, and I found this seemed to help me power through some not-particularly-fun work (something it doesn't always do).
In the late morning, I unbandaged Gretchen's knee gash to see how it was doing. She'd wrapped it with highly-adhesive medical tape, and this had helped to support the superglue, keeping it from delaminating from the skin. Interestingly, once I'd daubed hydrogen peroxide on the wound, the dry superglue started flaking off in chunks. Once it had dried, I reglued the gash and wrapped it up in tape again.
Meanwhile Ramona had been at the Hurley vet for a teeth cleaning and the extraction of her two dead (and broken off) upper canines. Gretchen brought her home this evening, and she wasn't in the mood to do anything buy lie on the couch. We couldn't get her to eat anything and she ended up staying there all night. We'd been expecting a bill of more than $900 for this procedure, but surprisingly it came to less than $700.
For dinner, Gretchen made a real meat & potatoes kind of meal, with tiny roasted baby potatoes, green beans, and chunks of marinaded tofu that somewhat resembled chicken white meat. Because of Powerful's schedule, it was after dark when we ate, so we actually dined at the dinner table.

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