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   pseudephedrine-related gut complaint
Wednesday, September 16 2020
It was nice to have leftover custom pizza to eat throughout the day. Somehow I made it last until dinner, but only just. I'd taken a recreational 150 mg dose of pseudoephedrine at around 8:00am, and it didn't suppress my appetite enough that I didn't want delicious pizza. Late in the workday, though, I felt a bit of malaise and discomfort in my gut that seemed to be pseudephedrine-related. I finished off the workday down in the greenhouse upstairs.

Powerful was driving to Uptown just to get antacids (even though our house is full of them) at dinner time, so Gretchen and I ate our leftover pizza in front of a game of Jeopardy! (I'd downloaded it in 720p HD) just like the old days. Immediately after dinner, I made an evening run to Lowes to buy some vinyl gutter brackets and a half inch ball valve, two things I needed for recent long-procrastinated home improvement projects. When I got back, Gretchen and I watched the first episode of the second season of Barry. After watching it for awhile, Gretchen was sure she'd seen it before. But I was sure I hadn't.

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