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   no-caffeine work day
Friday, December 4 2020
For the first time perhaps ever, I went without caffeine for a whole working day. [REDACTED]
Throughout the day, I made several excursion 100 feet or so west of the Farm Road to that mid-sized chestnut oak I'd felled not too long ago. I managed to carry it all home in the form of pieces four to six feet in length (held in my arms, without the backpack). I then bucked it into stove-length pieces and split what needed splitting, producing at least a week's worth of firewood. All of this was in service of the idea that I should delay using any wood in the woodshed as long as this is easy to do. Since the indoor woodpile is nearly maxed-out, this means it will probably be at least Christmas before I'll need woodshed wood even if I collect none at all between now and then. [REDACTED]
Last night Powerful had made chana masala for his online vegan cooking class, and I ate so much of that at around 1:00pm (with Trader Joe's vegan naan) that I didn't have much room for the cauliflower steaks he made this evening.

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