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   this week's salvaged wood is burning better
Monday, December 14 2020
Today was the day that the electoral college sealed the deal on Joe Biden becoming the 46th President on the United States of America on January 20th. Normally this day passes without note, but Donald Trump is still claiming he's the rightful winner of the November election. For a time, I watched the results on a live map. Occasionally a state would go from light grey to blue or red. There was no mystery about what would happen, and by 8:00pm, Biden had won with 306 delegates, as we've known he would for over a month.
In between sessions in the laboratory, I'd go to the kitchen and graze on leftovers. First I had Indian food. Later I had Chinese. Occasionally I'd go out and process a small amount of the wood I'd gathered on sunday. This new red oak was burning much better than the chestnut oak I'd been burning last week. This was simply because it was drier. I generally only burn long-dead wood, but because it's been out in the elements, its level of moisture can vary. Sometimes I get lucky and sometimes I don't.

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