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Saturday, December 5 2020
As they have of late, Saturday morning coffee went well into the afternoon. And I drank kratom tea while abstaining from caffeine. The New York Times Spelling Bee panagrams included "monophonic" and "homophonic," words I quickly identified. Though after an initial flurry of words, a word-drought set in. Late-found words included "ionic" and "pooh." That set of letters seemed like they'd produce a lot of words with Greek origins, but there weren't all that many (though "hippo" was one).
Throughout the morning, I used the heat of the fire to dry some of the wood I'd split yesterday. Unfortunately it had rained last night and rained continued at times into the afternoon, so that wood was pretty well soaked. But we're at the time of year when I work to maximize all available firewood reserves. You don't want to be trying to do that with a foot of snow on the ground.
This evening Powerful prepared a late dinner of lentils with rice as a sort of Mexican dish (though I don't know that lentils are used for anything in Mexico). Meanwhile the cats were trying to extricate a poor little mouse who was sheltering in the baseboard along the east wall of the dining room.
After dinner we had a Zoom hangout with Eva & Sandor, who have been maintaining a particularly strict quarantine in consideration of Sandor's elderly parents, who live in their basement (it's possible only Sandor's mother is still living there; Gretchen referred only to her tonight). There wasn't much news for any of us to report, though we hadn't talked since Joe Biden won the presidential election. We were doing our Zoom call on the couch in the living room, with Gretchen and I sitting on either side of the dogs and Powerful standing behind the couch for some of the time. At some point Powerful managed to get Ramona all worked up and the dogs started playing with each other with the kind of sustained vigor we hadn't seen in years. They were biting each others' mouths and paws and nibbling on each others' faces. Eventually a scab beneath Neville's eye tore open and he started bleeding all over the place.
Meanwhile Eva & Sandors' critters were being nothing but adorable. Several months ago they got their first dog, some sort of smallish hound mix "from a kill shelter down south," and he kept looking at Eva & Sandor lovingly and then being super sweet with the cats. I can't wait for Neville to get to meet him.

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