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Friday, December 11 2020
Today was my second workday ever of skipping caffeine entirely. [REDACTED]
I was back at the Brewster Street rental again this evening to do a light sanding of the recent wall repair and then hopefully paint it. I found a white that seemed to match the ceiling, but I could find nothing in the basement for the greenish grey of the walls. So then I turned my attention to the dangerous 240 volt dryer outlet, from which someone had removed the plastic five-sided cover. (There are plenty sketchy people hanging out at this house on various occasions, and I wouldn't be surprised to find that one of them needed that cover and just stole it.) I'd swung by Lowes and had the proper outlet, something I could screw into a standard metal box, not needing any cover for some crackhead to easily steal. But after I'd installed it and went to test it, it immediately produced a circuit-breaker-tripping short. So I futzed with it some more and tried again. This time when it tripped the circuit breaker, the breaker glowed red from the window that would normally just show its amperage. After that, it no longer worked. Somehow that last short had destroyed it. Perhaps this was a consequence of all the rainwater that had found its way into the circuit breaker box. This development was so demoralizing that I left without even taking my mini-stepladder.
I was feeling good (and relieved) after learning that the Supreme Court had rejected the suit brought by Texas against four swing states about the differences between the way they administered the election (for example, allowing expanded voting by mail) and the way Texas administers it. Most people thought Texas had no chance winning. But the Supreme Court is now so stacked with horrible humans, I feared anything was possible. Fortunately the decision on the merits of the case was unanimous (though Alito and Thomas dissented against not even hearing the case). Somewhere I heard someone say what kind of can of worms would be opened if one state could sue another about differences in election procedure. California could, for example, sue Texas for not allowing the formerly-incarcerated to vote. Thankfully, dystopic as our world has become, members of the Supreme Court do not yet do illegal favors for the presidents who appoint them.
In other news, my new incarnation of my Facebook troll Susan Fauber, which has been around for two or three months, was finally disabled by Facebook, supposedly for flagrant violation of terms of service (and not, according to them, for being a fake person). Before she got the ax, she'd had over 4000 friends, most of whom were in the Middle East and West Africa.

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