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Monday, December 7 2020
The weather has turned cold, perhaps a somewhat colder than normal for this time of year (which is at around the beginning of the three coldest months of the year, that is, climatic winter). I started the stove at around noon and kept feeding it throughout the day.
At some point today I noticed that the live trap I'd put out to catch the mouse in the baseboard along the east wall of the dining room contained a mouse. I figured this mouse had been brought in by a cat, so I released him or her near the dog house. The mouse somehow managed to cling to the insides of the trap when I tried to dump him or her out, so I ended up leaving the trap stuck open outside, hoping the cold would cause the mouse to find some other place to shelter, unless he or she could just walk back to the burrow he or she had originally come from.

This evening Powerful made us a meal of Asian-style batter-fried tempeh with spaghetti noodles. The tempeh was a little sweet and the noodles were a little hard, but it was great anyway.

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