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Wednesday, December 9 2020
At end of work today I drove out to the Brewster Street house to apply another layer of drywall compound to the wall patches I'd created yesterday. This took maybe ten minutes.
On the way home, I went out of my way to Lowes to get a new pull-string lamp for one of the bedrooms and a robust (tenant-proof) 240 volt dryer outlet in the Brewster Street house. On the drive there, I dropped off an old car battery at the Albany Avenue Advance Auto Parts and got a sixer of Southern Tier 2XIPA at the Ulster Avenue Kave (formerly Mobil) station. Disturbingly, employees at both places were not wearing masks. I get it, people are sick of the pandemic. But whenever I see people maskless in public, I try to steer clear of them because those who let down their guard are most likely to have coronavirus. And it's spiking once again in southern New York after a six-or-seven month lull.

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