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   long day of importing
Wednesday, December 30 2020
I started working this morning before 8:00am and didn't finish until after 6:00pm. It was the most I'd worked in a long time, and it felt good. Part of what made it feel good was that I was doing good work in a collaborative environment. I had Microsoft Teams running on my speaker and microphone while Alex, Rich, and I puzzled out parts of the big clusterfuck that our most troublesome tax import always is at this time of year. And, as needed, I added options and code to my tax importer ("the Taxinator") to handle various edge cases. In one such case there was no way to know whether a specific tax was one or the other of two identically-named options. So I made it so the Taxinator could figure out what it needed to by the values of the taxes to be paid with respect to one another.
At the same time, I was setting up a used laptop with the Ubuntu Linux distribution for Lyte, one of Gretchen's former students, who now out and was recently has deported to St. Lucia in the Caribbean. The laptop was an Acer TravelMate B117-M with a Celeron N3160 quad-core CPU, 4 GB of RAM, and a 128 GB SSD. It was small, fanless, and well-built, which I like, though its screen resolution was only 1366 x 768. But at only $90 used on eBay, it was a pretty good deal. Lyte developed computer skills in prison and hopes to do something technical with computers professionally, so hopefully it will give him a good start. I would've preferred to install Debian instead of Ubuntu, but Debian makes one jump through hoops to install "unfree" drivers, and I didn't want all the hassle.

At around 7:00pm I took 114 mg of diphenhydramine, which set the timeout on my evening.

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