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   hangover and a movie
Wednesday, January 1 1997
It was New Years Day, and only 8am, but I could no longer sleep, so I rose from my bed and went walking around town. All the stores were closed, but not Comet. I did a little e-mail stuff in there. Jamie, of course, had been there all night passing the time in his own unique way. To find out exactly what this entails, send your questions to

I returned to the desolate streets and bought a cold shrink-wrapped roast beef and swiss sandwich and a cappucino at the Corner's Lucky Seven. Normally I don't drink coffee products that contain milk, but the coffee in the pot looked like it had been on the hot plate all night being reconstituted into sticky black tar.

I went to UVA's Cocke Hall and did some web surfing. I was too hung over to create anything. As I surfed, I played some tunes out loud on the machine's CD player. Wouldn't you know, a big uptight woman who arrived later asked me to turn down my tunes. People who frequent UVA computer labs are uptight by their very nature. Expect no artistic revolutions from their ranks.

Housemate John and I discussed our hangovers back at my house in the afternoon. He was feeling surreal but without pain. I felt a dull achey sickness in my body. The difference: He'd been drinking shots of vodka and I'd had red wine and ice beer.

Deya arrived and together we drank a couple beers and watched The Jerk which was being broadcasted on a cable teevee channel. It's a very amusing movie. I almost split my spleen laughing during the kitten-juggling scene. The appeal of The Jerk is in the naively appealing beahviour of its lead male character, played by Steve Martin. Here is this gratuitously gross but simultaneously essentially good guy being ground down one moment and succeeding despite himelf the next. By this ridiculous microcosm it gives all us gross guys both hope and caution. The beer, by the way, made my hangover abate dramatically.

I napped from 5pm until 3am!

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