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Saturday, January 4 1997
The last entry was kind of slow in coming. You may have missed the end, which you don't want to do. I was in a weird mood last night, and had the surreal notion that I should put misinformation on the Web. So I started a new receptacle for this misinformation in "Spins" called "Ignorance." The first bit of misinformation is called "How Babies Are Made" and it is mostly designed to mock those who would keep sex education out of our schools and off the Internet.

Then I finished the lettering on the sign today at the Bakery. Lately I have been getting free food in addition to free coffee there. It is nice to be treated special, which is something that naturally follows from being a martyr for art. But then, is it martyrdom to have so much control over my tortures? To find so much joy in my suffering? I'm not suffering, come on, this is all hyperbole. I'm actually rather content these days for a variety of reasons, some of which I have no control over (weather, the composition of the town's populace currently, etc.). Speaking of weather, supposedly the temperature was to hit eighty degrees today. The ski industry must be loving this shit. At Comet I periodically do the slope condition updates for the Wintergreen Ski Resort's web site and I've been watching the snow depth in the reports drop every day. Now it's ten inches of "wet granular" which Matthew Hart informs me really just means slush (Matthew is a lift guide at Wintergreen these days).

After I awoke from my mid-day slumber I went to Comet to download images of sparrows and then drew a silhouette of one such sparrow on each side of the new Bakery sign (for compositional balance). Jen thought it looked overly spooky. But then I pointed out to her that the Mona Lisa probably also looked funny before it was completed, which, I emphasized, the sparrows ARE NOT.

My housemates are trickling back today: Penley and maybe Ches returned today. Maybe Andrew too.

Evan had me provide HTML advice tonight as he worked on his online resumé. He's got a very odd education to be in the industry in which he now finds himself.

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