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   January 1997

01: hangover and a movie - Sometimes a beer really improves ones feeling when one has a hangover.
02: my peculiar sociopathic urge to chronicle things - Layers of social interaction, one bleeding into another.
03: Charlottesville in Eskimo Summer - Aquarians on the warpath on the Downtown Mall of Charlottesville.
04: misinforming the online world - Don't believe all my web pages.
05: business opportunities on 14th Street - The sign industry is booming on 14th Street in Charlottesville, Viriginia.
06: relentless schitzophrenic - Toothless schitzophrenics make for unpleasant coffee breaks.
07: that there here now - Cryptically I describe one of those occasionally entertaining evenings that makes any good life complete.
08: bourbon in the mean apartment - Social tensions fester and weep under the merry influence of alcohol.
09: Unslandered - Lots of wet snow leads to bath and ice beer.
10: Why Having Friends Sucks - Sometimes I'd rather just live in a little box at the bottom of the ocean.
11: Bar Scene with Tequila and Buttery Nipples - Jenfariello and I hit Charlottesville's Baja Bean.
12: a celebration of a return to normalcy - My housemates are almost all back, so what better to do than watch a lot of teevee and drink ourselves into oblivion?
13: dinner date - Whoah, now I'm going on dates and shit.
14: the value of the internet - Effortless communication through time and space for the few aware of its power.
15: my exhibitionist nature - People tell me loving things about my musings.
16: champagne with the old folks - I'm a little too drunk heading back to Charlottesville from Redneckistan.
17: first Friday of freedom - Yes, I can be a party machine yet again. Unfortunately, the weather is not permitting.
18: afternoon party - I go to a little wine party at my house and then end up in a crazy situation at a horrid crash pad.
19: beer, liquor...never sicker - An uneventful day of recovery from the excesses of the night before.
20: a sacrifice for rock and roll: Sebadoh - Despite my schedule I find time to attend the show of a favourite band, Sebadoh, when it is within walking distance.
21: the potential of new conversational forms - I discover the real subtle power of online chatting.
22: the data prison known as Pagemaker - Which is better, a crashed hard drive, or all your text-like data entombed in Pagemaker documents?
23: cigarette smoke improved this air - At the horrid crash pad on Wertland the air is improved when people begin to smoke.
24: a rainy Friday night with mom - My mother spends the night at my place and I show her some Charlottesville night life.
25: John's Birthday Party - Craziness up and down Charlottesville's Wertland Street.
26: Boot Dream - A strange metal object is seen in a dream.
27: the scarcity of the tools of creation - We try to be creative and are met by a world geared to consumption.
28: masochistic tendencies - A few notes on the joys my friends derive from pain.
29: a virtual society increasingly real - Bandwidth and a lack of distraction has made me a new form of life.
30: guitar homicide - One doesn't necessarily need to shoot a guy with a gun for a gruesome movie death by bullets.
31: The Rising Sun End of the Bakery Party - How a bakery that had been open for twenty years met its end.