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Wednesday, January 22 1997 Somebody was running a powerdrill, a powersaw and a hammer in the hall outside my room in the early afternoon as I tried to sleep. I turned up the music loud and still heard it all. Of course sleeping was no longer an option.

After some errands on the Corner I came back home to find that a colleague of my father's, an environmentalist named Steve Krichbaum (and resident of Staunton), was trying to contact me to help him print out a huge Pagemaker document. He finally arrived at about 11:30pm after first waking me from a nap with a phone call. We walked to UVA's Cocke Hall. Nothing could be done there...there was no Pagemaker and the machines are hobbled to not recognize applications not on a certain anally retentive "approved list." So then we proceded off to Gilmer. And though Pagemaker is on the machines in one lab there, Kafka had written the script for the evening. That script required that Pagemaker would balk at doing anything useful like printing without a "PPD" file which of course we aren't known to carry around. So we gave up in utter defeat. Mission most assuredly not accomplished. Pagemaker is a data prison.

I set off to work a half hour early to compensate for Stephan's covering my ass on Monday night (when I was a half hour late from the Sebadoh show).

On my way to work I ran across Morgan Anarchy and Cecelia the Brazilian Girl. Morgan was stinking of drink and careening as he walked. He'd been upstairs in one of the Corner's buildings drinking vino. I wanted to cast a spell on him to just HEAL him but such things are impossible of course.

I was in Sam 'n Ellas Punk Rock Chat again tonight, this time as Veronika Dumptruck. But that name was not really an alias in as much as it was designed to tip off blixa right away as to who I really am.

Today I bought Ned's Atomic Dustbin's Are You Normal? for $6, used, at Plan 9. It's sort of trance-like in that it has hypnotic distorted melodic textures interwoven in the background over a driving dance beat and rythm. It's hard stuff to categorize. But these words leap to mind: British, possibly pansy, daze-inducing, psychadelic, a little heavy at times. Unlike most similar music in Britain, it is guitar-intensive. It is 80s British Dance music with post-grunge sensibilities. This album came out in 1992, so it should be considered a bit ahead of its time.

girls girls girls...

today, courteousy of Altavista, I present a girlfriend with a helpful caption!

Today's featured girlfriend is...
Kristin in a nice domestic scene with the shadowlike Schauba, who is threatened enough that he feels the need to tell you which one is the girl.

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