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Monday, January 13 1997 The rock and roll purchases today were two used CDs: Pavement's Wowee Zowee for $8 and Polvo's Celebrate the New Dark Age for $6. Both of these bands are similar. They're trendy and alternative and everyone thinks these guys are just the coolest humanly possible. They both record with the deliberate weakness that characterizes my recent favourite band, Guided by Voices. I noted though two interesting things about the Pavement CD. One was that its cover art looked like Steve Keene work. The other was that the music didn't sound particularly low-fi to my ear.

On the first point, well, it turns out that the cover art really is by Steve Keene, which is very strange since I tend to think of him as local talent here in Charlottesville (his cheap bright manic paintings are slowly taking over all the wall space in this town, having started from the humble ground zero of Spencer's near the Downtown Mall). Jenfariello, you may recall, went on a trip with Lydia Conder to New York City, where Steve Keene now lives and works, to pick up stacks of his production for sale in the pre-Christmas season at Gallery Neo. Jenfariello told me later today that Steve's appreciation locally is mostly related to his success in the BIG TIME.

As for the lack of low-fi, this isn't a problem for me. I'm just puzzled that Pavement has a reputation as a low-fi band when they produce albums with these high production values. There's experiments and fucked-up tunings, but that's a Sonic Youthism more than anything. The album has some good songs on it, as well as many that I don't particularly like. The Polvo album, on the other hand, is very much to my liking, and much more distinctly low-fi. Furthermore, Polvo seems to out-experiment everyone except the Thinking Fellers Union Local 282. I was mesmerized by the dynamic guitar detuning sounds in the first track, "Fractured," for example.

and even giving her cunnilingus for God's sake!
Jenfariello invited me to dinner tonight at her house. So I bought a six of Red Hook and went to her house at 7:30pm. While we three (Ami was there) ate the lasagna (yeah, it was good), we observed the cats. A young female Siamese from upstairs has been hanging out a lot, interested in Ami's cat Jax, who is castrated. Jax had always come across as being annoyed by the Siamese. He was given to hiding on top of the teevee or some other place from which he could hold her at bay with his paws. But today he was observed showing much more interest. Stalking had paid off, it seems1. We were amazed to see Jax hugging the Siamese and chasing her, and even giving her cunnilingus for God's sake! The Siamese was delighted and fascinated, bounding across the room and leaping far into the air. For moral reasons and for our peace of mind, Ami moved the cat out into the hall. The frustrated adolescent Siamese reacted by complaining and reaching around under the door.

I rather like it that Jen and Ami play so much Hole. They both like a lot of dyke music, see.

1Tangentially, today Jenfariello told a story of a male friend who had been stalking his old girlfriend and actually they're very much in love! It's a rare thing to learn of stalking paying off.

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