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   beer, liquor...never sicker
Sunday, January 19 1997

beer, liquor...never sicker

I had a bad hangover this morning. It didn't improve much before I got out of bed at around 2pm. My head hurt and my thoughts were occupied by feelings of regret. Even if I saved someone's life while drunk, I'd have regrets during the following hangover. That's how my hangovers work.

I walked to the Bakery and had some coffee. Spiritual Dave was working the counter some. But he was even more spacey than normal. He too had a hangover, see. He and my housemates had gone to a rave after I'd left to go to the horrid crash pad. Spiritual Dave had been seen whirling round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round. You get the picture.

I so like Sebadoh that I bought another of their CDs, Bakesale when I found it in Plan 9's used CD rack. But it cost $8, which is not cheap for a used CD. It features on the jacket a picture of a baby staring down into a toilet. Sebadoh is to play at Trax tommorow, you know. I really should go, even though I have to work.

Crazy people are right on, crazy people are right.
So I played the CD at home. It's a later CD (1994) than Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock, which came out in 1992. Bakesale has much less of the experimental sound of Smash... but the songs are all beautiful. They build to an emotional mountain and then somehow build even higher. It borrows some from grunge, but mostly it just sounds like beautiful alterna-pop. I'm going to play this CD a lot. And to quote Sebadoh gratuitously, "Crazy people are right on, crazy people are right."

Here I am at work, substuting for Robert, who is on a dinner date. I have worked a lot of hours this week at Comet. This has allowed me to keep up with my musings without having to sacrifice my social life (the hours I've been working are mostly dead periods in my days).

I've discovered that free weekends are going to make my life highly interesting. This first free weekend seems to bear this out. You see, I have never lived in Charlottesville and had free weekends at the same time before.

All this listening to low fi music is making me want to record some of my own. I've decided to take some of my saved up money and buy with it a four track recorder and become a truely renaissance man.

Walter Miller's homepage has been updated recently. It's the funniest page on the Web, in case you don't know. That's why you should stop reading my drivel and head there this instant! Nothing much interesting happened after that. Today twice I tried some of the beer that Nathan and I brewed on Dec. 22nd. It is a good beer, I think, though it lacks a good body to its taste. I have heard that this is a function of hops, and it could be that Nathan is hop-shy from the batch of beer he and others made as a group effort some months ago. Next time he should let the hops soak in the brew a little longer. Nathan had warned me that this batch had a little bit of a weird taste, but I didn't notice this at all.

Meanwhile, more girlfriends...

today, courteousy of Hotbot, I present yet another girlfriend!

Today's featured girlfriend is...
Untitled, with her large Adam's apple-ified boyfriend. She's become such an object to him that he didn't bother to mention her name. Maybe if she was on your web page, she'd have a name! To express your intentions to her current master, send some email to Craig.

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