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Hello, my name is Judas Gutenberg and this is my blaag (pronounced as you would the vomit noise "hyroop-bleuach").


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January - California Brazilian Mirage Database Administrator K Kim La Jolla Francisco San County Golden Gate Bridge

February - Los Angeles Tom Sawyer Fool Diego River Qualcom Wing Greatest Hits Jessika Bermuda Day Mardi Gras Fry Electronics Office Space Venus Newport

March - Diana Pop Ocean Beach Ludmilla Brothers New Orleans Cindy CR Courtney El Duce Contact Microsoft Personal Web Server Mexican Something About Mary Show Sudden Recall Schwarzenegger Beer Bushmills Diaz Club Montage DBA Kevin German Earth Director Development Roll Old Town Jenna

April - Valley Trolley Girl David Lynch Wild Heart Jenna Without Girlfriend Eric Hollywood Cyclefly Impotent Sea Snakes Music Defense Engineer Louisiana Big Easy Lisa Psilocybe Mushrooms

May - Xanax Ed Mayo UK Wookie Desert Elizabeth Horse Whisperer Grand Pooh Bah Internet Developer Pepsico Ortho Smart Grey Steph EJ Museum Modern Art Summer

June - Saving Private Ryan Sex Zen Gordon Biersch Paper Mayor Cape Buffalo Goldmine Brit Newport Street Fair HTML VPs

July - Brick Fourth Quayle Labrador Retriever Phoenix Sedona Arizona Starship Enterprise VP System Architecture Navy Seals Crown Point Mission Bay Strip Whiskey A Go Franz Kafka JFK Jr

August - D Vinci PDA Real Estate Agent Andy Las Vegas Excel Sweatshop Dog Kansas Board Education Macho Combo Burrito Del

September - Rosarito Schnauzer Asian Energy Zoo Prince Bride Sushi Heidi Fleiss Virginia Collapse Guided Voices Ecstasy Park North Matrix Heavenly Creatures Bunnell World Scariest Police Chases

October - Giacomo Seasons Resort Mexico Puerto Nuevo Visa Oktoberfest Esplanade Dufy Exorcist America B O Negative Cigarettes Vynyl Crash Worship Rory Miller Witch Room Gaslamp Quarter

November - Dark PO Dan Reitman GIF NC Meteor Shower Crows Cherokee Galoka

December - BMW Traverse City Michigan Bill Gates Harbour Word Al Mike Psydecar Yahoo Detroit Windows Shaque Nathan VanHooser Charlottesville