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Friday, March 5 1999
I came home to find Kim and Ludmilla the Brazilian girl hanging out as if they'd never been mad at each other. Kim has refused to let their friendship die, and Ludmilla would rather be her friend anyway. Besides, their language barrier is too big for them to really argue about anything.
Ludmilla is full of ideas for how to start her own business and never again work for the Man at the Jack in the Box. She wants to be a clothing designer, and in broken English, she explained the meticulous details to me across the kitchen table. I listened patiently while stared deeply into her brown Latin eyes but I couldn't comprehend anything. She's a pretty girl in a non-magazine sort of way. I'd like to have sex with her, given the right opportunity.
Eric, our Engineering friend, came over too. As you might recall, there's also tension between Eric and Ludmilla (ever since Ludmilla stole away Eric's best buddy Pete). That tension seems to persist, though copious amounts of red wine seemed to smooth things out nicely. The only real pitfall to avoid was overly-technical discussion between Eric and myself.
I was fairly intoxicated on marijuana as I headed down to the Appletree for yet another bottle of red wine. My head was full of wonderful thoughts as a cute girl, a complete stranger, spontaneously volunteered, "Hi! I'm so stoned!" Her scrawny long-haired boyfriend was probably embarrassed, but I wasn't paying any attention to him.
My mind was also full of thoughts on how to improve my latest workplace masterpiece, a complex system of ASP pages allowing novices to enter live content onto a website. I have a feeling it's going to play an important role in my future.
My erotic thoughts about Ludmilla continued until she departed, helped along by plenty of eye contact. I get the feeling she's kind of bored with her relationship with Pete.
Ludmilla is, of course, not the sort of person I'd ever have a serious relationship with. I'm just tempted by her physical unfamiliarity, her Latin warmth, her vaguely naïve sophistication and her unusually large yet well-formed ass. I certainly had no intention of bringing any of this up with Kim for fear she'd throw a jealous fit, but after Ludmilla left, Kim spontaneously brought up the idea of perhaps having a threesome with her sometime. It was a completely random idea, born more of excessive red wine than any signals Kim had picked up, but since it had been going through my mind as well, I encouraged Kim to do what she can to get Ludmilla into our bed. As Kim and I were having sex, Kim tried to encourage my fantasies about Ludmilla, but I couldn't really picture her just then.

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