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Wednesday, March 31 1999
Why can't a commercial radio station just go ahead and play some as-yet-unpopular tune off of an album whose other songs are stuck in high rotation? I'm not a big fan of new Metallica, but I'm getting really sick of "Turn the Page" and "Whiskey in the Jar," and I know there are other tunes on that album and each one of them is scheduled to "be popular" at some point in the future. I'm cynical enough to realize that popularity is something much more easily dictated than the weather or the price of shares of common stock.

It was surprisingly cold today, with strong westerly winds I had to fight all the way home to Ocean Beach. Back before I knew any better, I'd assumed the summer would have been well under way by now in such a pleasant place as San Diego. But the daytime weather today was easily the coldest since I've been here. The weather in Southern California in no way resembles that of the East Coast.

I've been interested in baldness for the last few days, not because of myself, but because of my aging friends. Here's an interesting link on the psychology of baldness.

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