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Sunday, March 21 1999
Kim went on a shopping spree while I stayed home playing with my robots. It was an interesting experience being stoned while using software I'd written. When the thing would act in an unexpectedly intelligent manner, I was blown away. It kind of reminded me of the time I first dragged and dropped a selection of text to the Macintosh desktop. I was stoned at that time too, and when the machine automatically put a text file containing that selection on my desktop, I was amazed and delighted.
In the evening, Kim's friends Steph and EJ came over for a dinner decidedly vegetarian dinner. Later they were joined by their rent paying friend who allows them to crash on her couch, a punk rock girl with green hair whose name I have already forgotten. Steph and EJ are a fun couple with whom to hang out. This was a bad thing because it kept me from the work I needed to be doing. We all ended up drinking a respectable amount of alcohol and watching the movie Pleasantville. I couldn't get into the movie at all; it was just too sweetly and naïvely contrived for my tastes. While it might have been cute for girls' restrooms in 50s' teeveeland to contain no toilets, that fact took away more from the bathroom scene than it added to it.
Normally I'd take this opportunity to blame Kim for the fact that I accomplished nothing of any consequence this evening. I'd say that she gave me dirty looks and threw fits demanding that I not be an embarrassment with my hiding out in the computer room and refusing to socialize. Perhaps that's what would have happened had I actually abandoned everyone and focused on my work. But Kim has me trained. I hung out with the social group, and when the movie bored me, I simply fell asleep on my girlfriend's shoulder.

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