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   Truman Show
Tuesday, March 16 1999
In the room where my computer lives, Kim was giving a massage to her Godmother, who just happened to be visiting San Diego from her home in Ann Arbor, Michigan. So I decided to be a completely passive consumer of culture, watching The Truman Show on VCR all by my little lonesome self. And now the the review is in: I wasn't especially pleased with the movie. The premise was so inherently ridiculous that I found myself unable to wrap myself in it, to develop a tingly sense of wonder (as I did for, say, Contact). As far as movies of this sort go (I'm talking here about paranoia horror stories), I found the Arnold Schwarzenegger flick, Total Recall, far more entertaining and intriguing. I suppose that says more about me than it does about either of these movies. I kept waiting for someone, anyone in the Truman Show to come along and make me view the world differently and it just never happened. Then, at the end, I was waiting for a whole second half that just wasn't there.

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